Marine Exchange Operations Center

The Monitoring Center plays an instrumental role in aiding vessels’ compliance with the Network’s APC risk mitigating routing measures, processing of deviations and in relaying information to the Coast Guard and other responders in case of an emergency. Timely and accurate information is essential to early detection of a potential casualty or incident. The Marine Exchange of Alaska operates this monitoring center on the Network’s behalf and is professionally staffed 24/7 to provide timely and accurate information on participating vessels’ location and operating status.

24/7 Monitoring In Alaska

The Monitoring Center is operated by Alaskan’s who know Alaska. Network watchstanders monitor over 1.5 million square miles of Alaska waters in effort to protect crews, cargo, and Alaska’s coastline. The Network’s Vessel Monitoring Center, located in Juneau, Alaska is staffed 24/7 by trained professionals



  • 24/7 live monitoring in Alaska
  • Assist vessel masters with deviation requests
  • Monitors real-time locations of response assets
  • Integral part of your Safety Management System

Network participant fees supports the operation and maintenance of the most comprehensive non-governmental Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) vessel tracking and monitoring network in the world, covering an area over 1.5 million square miles of navigable waters surrounding Alaska. With over 130 terrestrial AIS receivers providing real­time information on vessels’ locations, complimented with redundant satellite tracking systems, MXAK’s network has been instrumental in saving mariners’ lives, property and aiding environmental compliance and response.



The Network serves tank and non-tank vessels operating in or transiting through the Western Alaska and Prince William Sound Captain of the Port zones, except for tank vessels operating in Prince William Sound or Cook Inlet. These zones extend from the Alaska/Canada border in the Arctic, Western Alaska, the Aleutian Islands and western Alaskan Islands, Gulf of Alaska and Prince William Sound. These waters encompass the jurisdictional area covered by the U.S. Coast Guard Sector Anchorage/Captain of the Port Western Alaska and U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Valdez/Captain of the Port Prince William Sound, excluding Cook Inlet.